Our Elite Program is designed to help you grasp a single trading concept (or strategy) through expert guidance from a seasoned trader.
This is achieved through real-time alerts, monthly live trading sessions, and more.
Our Masterclass is ideal for any trader, who doesn’t (or can’t) watch the markets all day

Stock Trading Foundation 

Learn how to apply and blend Trading patterns to perfection.

  • Basics of Stock Trading

  • Trading strategies for your risk tolerance and trading style
  • How to select the right Stocks based on your strategy?

  •  How to understand Risk to reward?

  • Trading during volatile days, weeks, or months.

Technical  Analysis Simplified

Focuses on in-depth technical analysis education with training modules, & bonus videos!

  • Basics of Technical Analysis

  • Best Candlestick Patterns

  • What are indicators and how to apply them?

  • How to do multi-timeframe analysis

  • How to use scanners?

  • How to create your watchlist?

Build Your Own Trading System

Get insight into creating a trading system that keeps you consistent and profitable. Go through exercises so that you can create your strategy and system.

  • Your Ultimate goal as a Trader

  • What is the difference between rules and a system?

  • How to build a system?

  • Creating your own system

  • Outer game vs. Inner game

  • How & why to create a trading journal?

Power of Back-testing

Focuses on in-depth technical analysis education with training modules, & bonus videos!

  • Unleash the power of Back-testing.

  • Create and test strategies on many years of Stock and Options data before you take it live.

  • How to plan your trades in advance.

  • Analyze millions of data points to validate your strategy before you hit the button.

  • How to validate a system

  • How to evaluate and deploy a system?

Performance Optimization & Risk Management

Seize Opportunity With Powerful Strategy Analysis and Unlock A World Of Data-intelligence Driven Opportunities with our custom made Back-testing sheets that can help you test the waters before you take a deep dive.

  • Capital management & Portfolio Management.

  • Optimize trading performance with excel.

  • Manage & control the risk-reward ratio of all trades.

  • How to More Effectively Set Stop-Loss Points & lock in profits.

  • Diversification and Hedging.

  • Make your battle plan ahead of time so you'll already know you've won the war.

Matching Training

Learn the proper basics and foundation of the stock market before you invest or trade so you have a trading edge!

Understand how the Stock Market works & use it to your advantage.

Learn how to properly manage your portfolio risks, allocate capital among your portfolio and manage your account and grow it consistently.

Listen to fellow Ⅰ - Traders...

“I have always struggled to follow a systematic approach, but after this training, I feel like a seasoned professional Trader.”

Rohan Athare

“My trades have never looked this good. Knowing what strategy is right for me and how to apply them in LIVE markets has been a game-changer.”

Arul Christopher

"I finally said goodbye to dull, lifeless trainings! Thanks to these techniques, I have the ability to evaluate the systems myself and not rely on some success stories.”

Ramya Rajan