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Plan. Backtest. Execute. Repeat

Automation is the New Benchmark of Trading

Trading systems don't eliminate whipsaws. They give you confidence for being disciplined to stick around with the trading strategy.


Enjoy Freedom of Time & Money

Enjoy your Holidays

Take regular Vacations

Trade with Data

An initiative by Traders for aspiring Traders


Data points that reflects market moves and emotions

Trade smarter with world-class tools to capture mega market moves

You plan the trade. We will help you execute it flawlessly

Backtest any idea and convert it into a Trading Plan

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LIVE Trading Room

An Elite Trading experience like no other !

A slick, easy to use and incredibly useful trading room. Built by traders, for aspiring traders, you've just found what you've been looking for !

Our mission is to help you reach your full trading potential. Inside our trading room you will get the live signals of those trades that our expert traders actually take.

This way you have Flawless Execution in trading covered along with the best Backtested Strategies so you can be victorious.

Join the leading trading room for Nifty / Banknifty ! Never be overwhelmed by trading education again.

You need tested strategies, powerful tools, and experienced traders to arm you with knowledge.

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BASICS - To Get Started in Stock Market


If you need help with the following:

• How to trade Options + Algos.

• Which World Class software is used for trading by ‘The Big Fish’.

• How you can avoid Mindset biases and rely upon systematic algorithmic strategies for trading decisions.

• Get the two Best Algo Trading Strategies.

Then you can start with our Systematic Options Blueprint Course *with over 50 Videos*for INR 1000/- only, as it covers all that you need to know how to get started with Algo Trading and automate your trading setup.

Get a Full Fledged Systematic Options Blueprint for just INR 1000/-

Complete Trader's Course

Learn Your One-Stop Shop for all things Trading.

• We cover all types of Market you should be trading in.

• Get strategies that suits all types of Trading.

• The Best Software you should be using as a Retail Trader.

• World-class excel sheets for managing your Trades and growing your Your Overall Portfolio.

Learn all you need to know from scratch to advance level in The Complete Trader Course 

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OPTRON - Futuristic Options Trading

Get access to World class Data along with Software used by Institutional Investors.

For Trading, you need Stock Market Data and it’s important that it’s not lagging or 2nd Level Data that triggers delayed and inaccurate trades.

With our Algo Optron Package, you will receive the First Level Data to Trade which is registered with NSE.

This way you have Flawless Execution in trading covered along with the best Backtested Strategies so you can be victorious.

Choose the right Package and Upgrade to the best in the Industry.

Join the Algo Revolution with Futuristic Options Trading !



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